On October 16, 1993 Jon Thomas opened the doors to Jon Thomas Fine Jewelry located in the heart of downtown Mt. Shasta, CA, a charming mountain community nestled at the base of one of America's most majestic mountains for which the town is named.

Jon had the opportunity to apprentice in Carmel, CA with the late Orlando Ferriozzi, a world renowned master jeweler from Rome, Italy, who demanded perfection and taught the secrets of old style Italian goldsmith techniques. Jon's skills continued to excel as he worked with artists around the world from Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Israel, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, and Turkey. To this day he says, "I continue to enjoy learning the never ending possibilities of designing and creating jewelry I can offer my clientele."

Jon Thomas has since dedicated himself to the principals of his early schooling. "The foundation of fine jewelry is like architecture" Jon explains. "It has to be built correctly, not just beautifully; it has to have a strong foundation. In everything I do, I am striving to complete the vision and expression that was shared with me by the customer."

Creating a unique piece for the individual lies at the heart of Jon's passion. His custom designs are sought after by men and women from around the world. His devotion to excellence in craftsmanship as well as customer service has earned him a place of high esteem among his colleagues, community members and customers.

Jon Thomas has created fine jewelry for over 40 years and succeeded at developing a vibrant and elegant store offering a diverse collection of styles featuring bright, lively colored stones, brilliant diamonds and solid gold or platinum pieces in dynamic forms such as anticlastic or bold and refined designs.

His devoted staff of many years manages the store with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellent customer service. You will be treated with the highest respect and attention to your specific needs. When you visit Jon Thomas Fine Jewelry you will feel welcomed and inspired by the help you receive from each member of the company.