1. Do you make custom jewelry?

Yes! We can customize your jewelry just how you want it. Jon Thomas is a master jeweler who can help you design and create an ideal piece for you or a loved one.

2. Can I size my ring?

Yes! The rings for sale on our website are as is, but if you have a different size in mind or want to add your own personal touch to the design you can call us at (530) 926-6800 or send us an email and let us know exactly what you want.

3. What is a karat versus a carat?

A karat (K) is a unit of purity for gold. 24 karat gold is pure gold. A carat (ct) is a unit of weight for diamonds or other gemstones (cttw is carat total weight).

4. What is the difference between 14K & 18K gold?

14K and 18K translates to 14/24 or 18/24 (58.5% or 75%) pure gold content. The remaining percentage is alloy used to create color, strength, and durability.

5. What is white gold?

White gold is a mix of 24K yellow gold and white metals: either silver, nickel, palladium, zinc, iridium or a combination thereof.

6. What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a mix of 24K yellow gold and copper and sometimes some white metals.

7. What does “semi-mount” mean?

It means that the ring does not come with a center stone. The center stone can be purchased in addition to the ring.

8. What is a cubic zirconium?

A cubic zirconium or “CZ” is a man made diamond simulate.

9. I have an allergy to certain metals, do you have any hypoallergenic jewelry?

Pure 24K yellow gold and platinum are the only true hypoallergenic metals. You may have an allergy to copper, nickel, silver, zinc, palladium, iridium or something else.

10. When my jewelry is shipped is it insured?

Yes! Your jewelry is insured for up to $25,000 during shipping.

11. Can I ship my jewelry to be repaired?

Yes! Please give us a call at (530) 926-6800 or send us an email and let us know about your jewelry repair needs.

12. What is your return policy?

Items must be returned no later than 14 days from the delivered date. Merchandise must have no signs of alterations or wear to receive a refund.

13. When will I receive my jewelry?

Each piece of jewelry is unique and requires it’s own amount of time to be finished. Once shipped, your jewelry should arrive in 2 business days.

14. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Each location is unique so please give us a call at (530) 926-6800 or email us to take care of your international shipping needs.